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  1. What are the conditions that prevent someone from having one of our services?

Colonics: Abdominal hernia, abdominal or rectal surgery within 12 weeks prior to the current appointment date, Diagnosis of abnormal colon, Acute liver failure, Severe anemia, Aneurysm, Colon cancer, Congestive heart failure, Uncontrolled high blood pressure, Crohn’s disease, Colitis, Dialysis, Diverticulitis/diverticulosis, Fissures, Fistulas, Hemorrhaging, Intestinal perforation, Lupus with decrease kidney functioning, Blood thinners, Pregnancy, Kidney deterioration.

Infrared Sauna: Alcoholism or under the influence of alcohol, Cardiovascular conditions like hyper- or hypotension, Diseases associated with the inability to sweat, Defibrillator/Pacemakers, Have a fever, Hemophiliacs, Medications (diuretics, barbiturates, beta blockers), Minor (under 13 years of age), Pregnancy and Nursing, Acute joint injury (within 48 hours)

Detox Foot Bath: Metallic implants, Organ transplant recipients, Pacemakers or any battery operated or electrical implant, Persons on heartbeat regulating medication, Persons taking medications the absence of which would mentally or physically incapacitate them (psychotic episodes, seizures, etc), Open wounds on feet, Epilepsy, Pregnancy and Nursing.

  1. Will I lose weight after my colonic?

Some clients experience up to a 10 lb weight loss immediately following or within 3 days of having their first colonic. Results will vary based on the individual.

  1. What should I do before and after my colonic?

First, fill out the client intake form (pages 1,5,6) found in the left column of this webpage and bring it with you to your appointment. Also, be sure to hydrate well with at least half your body weight in ounces of water the day before your colonic (and day of if your appointment is later in the day). For example, if you weigh 198 lbs you will drink 99 ounces of water per day. Also, eat lightly the night before and day of the colonic (no meat, bread,cheese, etc.). Do not eat 2 hours prior to your colonic appointment. (For example, if your appointment is at 3 pm, eat no later than 1 pm that day). After your colonic, eat lightly the remainder of the day.

  1. Is there parking available?

Yes. Parking is free.

  1. Do you offer lunch-and-learns or other speaking engagements/seminars for large groups?

Yes. Please give us a call or email us with your request.

  1. Do you carry cleanses and other supplements I can purchase for my wellness journey?

Yes. Please see our "order products" page.

  1. Do you take insurance?

No. We do accept flexible spending and health savings cards.