Dec 4
Kyana is an awesome massage therapist, left feeling great. Wrap was also awesome! Cellulite vanished in one wrap! ~Summer.

November 17
Namaste. This is my third massage with the lovely Kyana. She has the "magic touch" Her healing hands help with my chronic pain. I look forward to every visit with her as I know my body does. My dedication to help improve my physical health does not stop there. This is about mind, body, and spirit- and MAWC will help you achieve that. Good luck in your journey!
Om Shanti ~Zyna.

20 September 10
Namaste. The second time around. As a colon hydrotherapy vet, this visit should be a piece of cake. It isn’t and that is due to my lack of commitment. After this visit, I want to be more pro-active when it comes to my health. I want to make plans and stick to them. The Wellness Center is my chance to reclaim my health and my balance.
Jessica G.

July 10, 2010
Namaste.  This is my second visit to the Center-both times to receive reflexology with Kyana. Her knowledge and her skill are clear and she works with care and tenderness. I look forward to more visits. Dr. Pam has been a wonderful fount of wisdom concerning wellness and how I can better care for myself. Thank you both so much.  Hannah   

11 June 2010
I received such a wonderful, professional, skillful, strong, relaxing and healing massage today by Kyana. I hope if you are reading this you will experience one too. Thank you to MAWC for introducing yourself to those of us who did not know you through your generous Living Social offer. With much gratitude, Marymay J

Making the decision to take my wellness care into my own hands instead of just accepting what the medical doctors tell me. MTAW [was] the best decision I ever made. I am so grateful for Dr. Pam and Dr. Volcy for helping me to help myself. I feel better than I have in a long time.
Peace, Love & Namaste`

I have heard such great things about Midtown [Atlanta] Wellness Center but when I arrived I wasn’t expecting to see two beautiful sistars smiling and so welcoming. The services were great as well as the hospitality.
Monica C.

I’ve enjoyed my visit with Dr Pam. She is such a positive and patient person. I look forward to more visits with her so that I can become a healthy and positive person.
God Speed,
Marie T.

During the time I’ve been a client here at MAWC I’ve gotten a series of colonics, body wraps, foot baths and skin peel. I’ve literally become a brand new person over this 3 month period. My skin looks great. I’ve lost about 10-15 pounds and the body wrap prepared me just in time to go to my Christmas party (my dress almost didn’t fit – it was so loose) Pam is such a wonderful person and her professionalism is what keeps me coming back. I’m so thankful for the blessing that she has been in my life and look forward to my continued visits.

I just came for my first colon cleanse. I was hesitant, nervous, and anxious all in one. I do have IBS, so it did concern me about how the procedure would go. I must say this was an amazing experience. I felt like many of my ailments “were down the tube!” I had a little discomfort due to gas build up in my colon, but to offset that I just pushed more frequently. The session was wonderful and I feel a lot of toxins and emotions that were built up in me were released. I just wanted to write this testimony for someone like me who may experience a little hesitation. You will be fine (I also said a little prayer to ease my nerves!) Thank you Dr. Pam. Your service is highly professional! J

I feel so blessed to be here and get to know Pam. I am so excited to feel so much healthier and calm. And to see results so quickly from an extra Body Wrap night before the dress fitting for a bridesmaid’s dress. The dress is no longer too TIGHT! Fabulous news. I’m very happy and feeling so good!
Thanks Pam and MAW!

Rev Linda B.
My first Hypnotherapy session was wonderful, enlightening and I am looking forward to living the Intentions I set as part of the therapy session.
Thank you Pam and MAW for being here.
Light and Love          

Peace and Blessings,
Since I have been with the Midtown [Atlanta] Wellness Center under Dr. Pam, I have become more prosperous in my finances and personal relationships. I have become more aware of the changes in my physical body and started a cleansing program. I have more energy and focus.
Looking forward to more healing and prosperity.
Stacy M.

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